Our goals at Spatz are 
to help our patients


So many patients have been on diet after diet and have lost a lot of weight many times. However, 97% of these patients are not able to maintain their weight loss. Why doesn’t it stick? Have you ever wondered why?

At Spatz, we believe the issue is the approach people have to weight loss. Going on a restrictive diet sends you the negative message of “stop eating”. This is something most people cannot maintain for an unlimited amount of time. That’s why almost everybody regains their weight.

We believe you should eat! But it needs to be registered in your brain. The idea is to think like a person who lives a healthy lifestyle. You need to always have an internal feeling about your nutritional status.

We all walk around every day with concerns in our heads. Concerns about our loved ones, our workplace, our finances etc. These concerns are embedded in our brains and they help us make decisions. For example, people may walk into a store and see an expensive item. In a flash, they are able to know whether it is affordable or not. That’s because people have an internal feeling about their financial status, and that’s what helps them make “smart decisions.”

The same needs to be applied to our nutritional status. If we feel that our nutritional status is unbalanced, we should be able to feel that we’re not in a good place and it will be easier for us to say “no” to high caloric foods.

The key to attitude change towards food is to have this internal feeling about our nutritional status.
Healthy people want to eat ice cream and cakes just as much as anyone else. But they can resist those foods as long as they are armed with the awareness that their nutritional status is not as good as it should be.

They fix their status by eating healthy over the coming days. For instance, they may walk into a restaurant and have a choice between;

a) A high caloric pasta dish with sauces
or b) A well-balanced salad

Probably everybody prefers the high caloric pasta dish. However, the healthy person will choose the dish based on the nutritional status. If they did not eat correctly over the past days, they will order the salad and will continue to eat correctly over the coming days until they feel that their nutritional status has been corrected. If, however, they ate correctly over the previous days they may opt for the high caloric pasta dish. This is the way we want people to think and to OWN IT.

So how does the Spatz Adjustable Balloon help you to OWN IT? We believe, that many dietitians may be delivering a lot of positive and motivational messages. The problem is that there are weeks in between those meetings when you forget to internalize and register those foods. You are not aware of your nutritional status and therefore, you make the wrong food choices.

The balloon communicates ‘signals’ that increase awareness of your nutritional status. These ‘signals’ are the language of the balloon – burps, belches, fullness, bloating etc. These ‘signals’ are not to be confused with ‘symptoms’ – nausea, vomiting and pain. The key is to accept those signals and use them to your advantage. The ‘signals’ begin when your stomach is starting to fill up with food, but before it is overloaded. This is the time to realize that you are heading in the wrong direction and it is the time to make a decision and correct your eating habits. If you do not make the change, it will eventually lead to symptoms and discomfort. In essence, it is an early warning system. That information is used to help you make smarter and healthier food choices. The balloon reminds you to register the food you eat and OWN IT. You don’t want to be suddenly faced with a food challenge without being armed with the knowledge of your nutritional status. Keep your nutritional status available in your head and you can face the challenges ahead.

Having the balloon in is like having a personal trainer with you every day. Along the way, you’re going to make mistakes. That’s OK. You may even understand your nutritional status and still eat those high-calorie foods, however, as long as you register it in your brain, it will still help you the next time you are faced with a food challenge. This may happen over and over until you finally succeed.

That’s the key – take the signals that the balloon sends you and work on making the right choices – no matter how long it takes.

Eventually, you will get used to this and succeed.

Just don’t give up. Wishing you much success.

Dr. Jeff Brooks